Portrait of
Ruth Quintanilla


Between 1925 and 1927 Kahlo painted several portraits of her friends and family. One of them was of her friend Ruth Quintanilla. The whereabouts of this painting are unknown. The image shown here is a photo of the painting taken by Frida's father, Guillermo Kahlo. The painting is signed and dated in the lower right corner: "Junio 1927 - Frieda Kahlo" (June 1927 - Frieda Kahlo). It's possible that it is another one of the paintings that Kahlo herself destroyed because she was not satisfied with the results.

In the lower right-hand corner of the 1927 Kahlo painting "If Adelita" a portion of the painting "Portrait of Ruth Quintanilla" can be seen.



Oil on canvas
Dimensions Unknown
Whereabouts Unknown

Óleo sobre lienzo
Desconocida tamaño
Paradero desconocido


Retrato de
Ruth Quintanilla


Entre 1925 y 1927 Kahlo pintó varios retratos de sus amigos y familia. Uno de ellos era de su amiga Ruth Quintanilla. No se conoce el paradero de este cuadro; la imagen mostrada aquí es una foto de la pintura tomada por el padre de Frida, Guillermo Kahlo. El retrato esta firmado y fechado en la esquina inferior derecha: "Junio 1927, Frieda Kahlo" . Es posible que fuera otro de los retratos que Frida destruyó porque no estaba satisfecha con los resultados.

En la esquina inferior derecha del retrato "Si Adelita" (mostrado en la imagen) se puede ver una esquina del "Retrato de Ruth Quintanilla"

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