Amrita Sher-Gil
January 30, 1913 - December 5, 1941

In Loving Memory of Amrita Sher-Gil.....



This website is dedicated to the life and art of a lesser known but revolutionary artist from India....Amrita Sher-Gil. Born in Budapest in 1913, she was the daughter of a Sikh aristocrat father and an upper-class Hungarian mother. Trained in the finest schools of art in Europe, Amrita returned to India to proclaim: "Europe belongs to Picasso, Matisse, Braque and many others.....India belongs only to me". Her art would take on aspects of Western and Eastern cultures but she was particularly interested in painting the indigenous people and culture in the remote parts of India. Using dark rich tones and her own unique folkloric style, she painted the everyday life of the common people. Her paintings soon made a strong impact in the art world of India and she was awarded a gold medal for a painting depicting three young village girls. She died a sudden and mysterious death at the age of 28. She left behind her legacy on 150 canvases.



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